ILC 2012 Malang

ILC (Indonesian Linux Confrence) is an annual activity GNU / Linux users in Indonesia, this meeting will be attended by several regional envoy Indonesia linux community, called KPLI (Kelompok Pengguna Linux Indonesia) or some linux activists who certainly is not foreign to us , some of the activists are the developers, students and even teachers of Information Technology.

Malang city, East Java, with its linux community called KOLAMĀ (Komunitas Linux Arek Malang) is the host of this year’s activities, which took place at the Campus STIKI Malang, ILC has been done a few days before miting carried on, with the number of attendees more than 100 people, a wide range of activities has been implemented before, Seminars, Competition etc.. The highlight of the event was KPLI miting, where the session will determine much about the child’s various policies Linux and FOSS in Indonesia, there are a couple of messenger usually staft Ministry of Information and Technology.

KPLI meeting was opened by Mr. Rusmanto Maryanto Editor in Chief at InfoLINUX Magazine, which is one of the shapers KPLI Center and continue his prior ILC representatives, namely Mamie Lily of Linux User Group Ujung pandang, an introductory session was at the start and development of the linux community in Indonesia so rapidly, many new regional community to join sub KPLI, including the growth of several KSL (Linux Study Group) which is a linux activists engaged in education.

Indonesia has a local distribution, including the BlankOn (Debian Base) and IGOS Nusantara (Fedora / RPM Base) both distributions are distributions Parent, specifically for IGOS Nusantara, Indonesia Fedora community very proud because it uses Fedora Base.

About IGOS Nusantara please see, The interesting thing is his base is currently using Fedora 17, Providing independent packages or applications that do recompile the src.rpm file from the parent distro. example IGOS Nusantara taking the base Fedora 17 compiling src.rpm to generate packets *.ign8.rpm. Every single release IGOS Nusantara there are many src.rpm that must be recompiled. Recompilation should be done to IGOS Nusantara 8 as much as 23.048 src.rpm (compilation 11.524 src.rpm for IGN8 32 bit dan compilating 11.524 src.rpm for IGN8 64bit). (source:

Some minor discussion about how where OSS development in Indonesia and discusses some policies for the future of OSS Indonesia witnessed some messengers staft ministry of information and technology, which is some debate about how the Indonesian government supports linux activism.

Fedora Indonesia attending the ILC in order to promote and introduce the Fedora Indonesia Community in the confrence, after we turned out KPLI miting present there is not a suitable place to introduce fedora much more detail, as we were only given five minutes to introduce themselves , it should we choose the slot a few days before KPLI miting realized that the seminar sessions.

So we just do a casual conversation outside miting session, with some activists Developer and about some of the things that became our goal to ILC, which is to solve the internal problems in fedora-id on Point matter dualism, because in KPLI miting given time does not allow

Already a provision at the end of the event, will determine which areas will host Miting KPLI next, in 2013 it was decided Aceh was his host.

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4 thoughts on “ILC 2012 Malang”

  1. Maaf om, dari laporan bole di tambah lg dikit ga?
    Karena tujuan kita adalah sbg fedora representative, nah dr laporan tsb ga ada yg memberikan detail siapa yang pergi, trs kalian ngapaian aja di sna, apa yg fedora-id dptkan, apakah kalian di sana jg memperkenal ttg fedora-id, dll?
    karena ini saya liat seperti laporan general acara ILC tidak sesuai tujuan awal kita datang ke sana..

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