Release Party Fedora 18 in Kendari

Release Party Fedora 18 in Kendari, Our schedule faster with some areas in Indonesia, which was originally planned we will do together, with some of the reasons for using his campus laboratory facilities will soon be used for semesters exams student.

Fedora 18 Release Party hosted by Kendari Linux User Group in collaboration with Genetic Unhalu been a success despite the heavy rain in the city ahead of the event kendari start of activities until the end. A very simple activity that takes place in the Lab. Department of Informatics Faculty of Computer Engineering, University of Haluoleo Kendari.

Spanduk Kegiatan Release Party Fedora 18

Banner Event Fedora 18 Release Party

Suasana diskusi tentang Dunia Open Source

Due to rain at the time of the event until the event was originally planned to be opened by the chairman of the Department of Information had to be represented by a representative of the Lab. Computer, then immediately followed by material on the Introduction and Direction World Development Open Source material is intentionally presented earlier because most of the participants were freshmen that will be introduced with Open Source.

Presentasi Oleh Saudara Zulkifly H

After the session then proceed with the matter about Fedora 18: New Feature presented by  Zulkifly H and Adam Wirya, and one thing that is very encouraging from some participants were Single Boot Install Fedora 18 on Laptop them, again this is something that is very encouraging for us.

Installasi Fedora 18

Events Klug Fedora 18 Release Party ends with Install Fest and also division among his trinkets distribution Fedora 18 DVD Installer, Pin and Sticker Fedora, Insha Allah Kendari Linux User Group will remain consistent on activities Fedora Release Party further and find new contributors fedora.

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