[Report] Fedora 18 Release Party Aceh, Indonesia

Release party this time feels different from some linux distro release party ever held in Aceh, especially the activities carried out by the KPLI Aceh, some linux distro release party activities normally held closed or indoor place but the Fedora 18 release party was different because the committee activities carrying out these activities in the location a bit challenging the shore, as we hastag on Fedora 18 release party on the beach Lampuuk.

Location activity is 15 Km from the center of Banda Aceh, where the location is used by local and foreign tourists to enjoy the charm and try malignancy Lampuuk beach waves for water sports Surfing, at the site Fedora 18 release party was held, attended by approximately 30 people participants from various backgrounds, both from students and also attended several kluwek aceh (centos) girls open source users.

Fedora 18 release party starts at 10:30 am – 12.30 pm, with material activities such as:

  • Introduction and history distro Fedora
  • Review of the latest features in Fedora 18
  • Questions and answers about Fedora 18
  • Then the activities continued with the distribution of Fedora 18 installer DVD, stickers
  • Lunch together

Material activities are delivered by one of the active users of the fedora. Start using fedora 6 to fedora 18 currently, and also has a speaker this time as chairman of the organization’s status kpli-aceh M. Ali Murtaza. Event went very well and had participants to finish, when material until the question and answer session many of the participants asked about the use of the latest anaconda installer because the participants a little confusion when installing Fedora 18, this activity is expected to linux users diaceh especially banda aceh can try or use some linux distro options to be used for everyday purposes such as Fedora 18 distro with the advantages that can facilitate the use of its consumer in their daily activities. God willing, we will be consistent on fedora future activities.

Here photos Fedora 18 Release Party Aceh

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