[Report] Release Party Fedora 17 Surakarta

Release party Fedora 17 Surakarta successfully implemented. There are several parties who participated to help the course of events. FICOS, helped organize the event, administering licensing place and fill the opening session. Semartv, helps in order event could viewed in live streaming. Streaming went well although there are constraints about the sound. KPLI SOLO, help smooth the whole event. Participants who register actually almost 50 people, but for some reason that came about 20 people. Participants consisted of students UNS, SINUS, UGM and doscom. The show back an hour, waiting for the participants to come.

A party was held at Building A FKIP, 2nd Floor, Courtroom 2, UNS. The party started with an explanation of open source in general given by Ardian Widiatmoko. Second session is the core Fedora 17 release party given by Arif Tri Waluyo.

Most of the participants did not know about Fedora. They use operating system Ubuntu, Backtrack and Windows. The only one who use Fedora 17 is participant from UGM. However, they are very interested in trying out Fedora 17. One great thing is no problems when different types of laptops to try Fedora 17 Live Media.

There are several questions during the party:

  • Error when using the pre-upgrade upgrade? Pre-upgrade isn’t the recommended method for upgrading Fedora. The recommended method is using the Install DVD or reinstall the Live media.
  • Why Fedora is still using Gnome as the default desktop environment? Because it is a very crucial, FedoraProject has not been thought to replace Gnome desktop environment as default desktop. Moreover we believe that Gnome 3 will prevail again as Gnome 2.
  • There are bugs that have not been fixed in Fedora 16, which also exist in Fedora 17? There are some bugs that apply to all versions of Fedora. There are many factors that influence a bug that can be resolved. All we can do is report the bug directly then provide complete information and any required later by the developer.
  • Why the Fedora 17 release party can be free? Because the Live CD, DVD, snack and sticker funded by the Fedora Project. Place provided by FICOS.

Thanks to all parties on the implementation of the event. Here photos of the release party Fedora 17 Surakarta.

2 thoughts on “[Report] Release Party Fedora 17 Surakarta”

  1. the reason why only 20 people came was because of sudden clarification information by sms at 07.00 am at the launch party day, it was so hard for me to change my shcedule squerly

    1. Thanks for your submission. But just so you know, we prepare everything until Friday night. Sms is not a clarification but a reminder. We’ve been told a week earlier about the changes on the website and the facebook group KPLI solo.

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